Every Tuesday, Mafia game at The Cove!

Play in the best pub in Pattaya! Free style, easy and friendly atmosphere and a charismatic presenter will do everything to make you have a great evening. Here everyone gets what he/she came for!

  • 01

    We offer delicious dishes from chef, the tastiest draft beer, alcoholic drinks, a cosy hall and a soulful, sincere “mafia” atmosphere.

  • 02

    Our regular customers are happy to play the Mafia in The Cove - we prefer the unified easy rules of the game in the gambling spirit of the sports mafia. Balance of relaxed pleasure and tasty, intellectual game - how do you like to win?

  • 03

    This is the most popular role-playing game where you can reveal your personality, learn to communicate and feel the lies. It is fun and even useful!

We support “mafioso” beginners and reveal all the game rules and secrets. Talented professionals of the game will show you the true skills of bluffing - psychological tricks that will surprise and enrage you!

Cheat, manipulate, bluff, search for the truth and have fun in a friendly company - join and recharge with positive energy!

See you at the Mafia game table
in The Cove Pub every Tuesday!