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Private Brewery

We create truly tasty recipes of craft beer!
A team of The Cove experts brews bright products for real gourmets.

Our priorities:


we are committed to perfect quality; we use only natural, certified, carefully selected ingredients and no additives. Only selected hops and malt!


our beer is special and produced in our own laboratory. We adhere to all the subtleties and nuances of verified technologies.


The Cove experts respect and value their craft. We are boldly experimenting and open to exploring new trends in brewing.

Successful combinations of hops and malt, fruits, berries and spices - we are proud of our achievements and are inspired by playing with the search for new flavors and taste experiences for real gourmets. The Cove can compete with world-famous factory breweries.

The Cove experts brew really good beer! Come try out The Cove craft beer!

Beers brewed by The Cove:


The Cove Witbier (Belgian Ale)

Reservedly strong Belgian ale Witbier - real "gold" in the glass! Light, moderately sweet, wheat beer - brewed according to a unique recipe from a combination of several malt varieties. Witbier has a refreshing citrus-herbal aroma, its aftertaste allows you to enjoy the spicy notes of cloves and freshly ground coriander.
Velvety, smooth taste, barely perceptible bitterness of hops, soft sourness, exquisite aroma and snow-white cap of persistent foam - this is what allows you to fully experience the charisma of a noble drink and enjoy the spirit of freedom!
A glass of fresh ale most advantageously opens in tandem with fragrant cheeses, nuts, juicy meat, or caramel chocolate dessert in the Cove pub.

Ingredients: Pilsner Malt + Wheat Malt, Perle Hops

ABV 5.0 %
IBU 21.2

The Cove Dark (Dark Lager)

The multifaceted taste of the dark thoroughbred lager will surprise you with an illuminating bitterness with a pleasant shade of herbs and roasted coffee.
Its delicate caramel aroma and slightly perceptible notes of barley malt combined with a rich dark amber colour and a long dry finish, make it possible to fully appreciate the virtuosity of the Cove bar brewers.
Enjoy the exquisite taste of beer, the analogues of which you will not find anywhere else!

Ingredients: Pale Ale Malt + Roasted Barley + Carafa, East Kent Goldings hops

ABV 5.0 %
IBU 15.2

The Cove Raspberry

This dark ale has bright notes of chocolate and coffee. Ale with the addition of raspberries and raspberry juice is a creative solution for those who want to feel summer freshness and quench their thirst.
The light bitterness of dark beer combined with the pleasant sourness of raspberries creates an indescribable aftertaste.
A foggy glass of icy, cheerful The Cove Raspberry is perfect with a piece of juicy meat and grilled dishes. And in combination with pastries and desserts, you get a gentle duo of summer freshness and seductive sweets from the Cove.

Ingredients: Pilsner Malt, Cascade + Hallertau + Raspberry

ABV 4.7 %
IBU 16.2

The Cove cherry

The Cove Cherry is a bold improvisation of experienced brewers giving you a delicious, sparkling and cheerful aperitif!
One of the most unusual items on The Cove Pub’s beer list swirls you into a bright maelstrom of malt colours and an almond-berry aftertaste of freshly picked cherries.
A richly ruby ​​drink will decorate your evening, both on its own and in tandem with light vegetable dishes of Thai or European cuisine.
Charismatic and sophisticated, moderately sweet, refreshing with a subtle sourness and a mysterious haze of summer freshness at the edges of your glass - the Cove cherry waits for you!

Ingredients: Pilsner Malt, Cascade Hop + Hallertau Hop + Cherry

ABV 4.7 %
IBU 16.2

The Cove Hefeweizen (Weissbier)

German light, unfiltered wheat beer Hefeweizen. The unique taste of Bavarian aromatic hops has won many hearts. And the Cove brewers continue to hone their skills on traditional recipes to smite even real gourmets!
An amber-orange drink with a snow-white cap of resistant foam, the aroma of tropical fruits and meadow flowers is an aesthetic pleasure for your eyes and taste buds. A captivating taste with a soft hop bitterness and a dry wheat aftertaste will be a great addition to the Cove specialty grilled meat, or will perform a confident solo of your soulful evening if you decide to order it separately from the meal.

Ingredients: Wheat + Pilsner + Munich Malt, Cascade Hop + Mandarina Bavaria.

ABV 5.7 %
IBU 14.8

The Cove Czech Pilsener

Light wheat pilsner is one of the most famous types of Czech lager and just a beer with an impeccable reputation! But even such a win-win drink requires special skills to create it.
Light malt, natural Bohemian Saaz hops, soft water and a little magic of the caring hands of The Cove professionals and this sensational idea comes to life at its best!
The rich, delicate taste of hop bitterness and the rolling aftertaste of caramel malt in your misted glass is one of the most enjoyable scenarios for ending a hot summer day!
Even only for one glass of the Czech Pilsner, you should visit The Cove bar, however, we can offer even more: the best addition to CZECH PILSENER is a juicy rack of grilled lamb, hot skewers or pork ribs from our talented chefs!

Ingredients: Pilsner Malt, Cascade + Mandarina Bavaria + Saaz Hops

ABV 5.0 %
IBU 16.1

The Cove Munich Helles

A masterpiece of brewing and one of the best sorts of craft beer is waiting for you at The Cove!
MUNICH HELLES is a perfect lager with bright malt and soft bitterness.
We recommend you try Munich light lager paired with fish masterpieces of salmon and sturgeon from The Cove, as well as the perfect complement to snacks and sandwiches with selected fresh caviar.

Ingredients: Pilsner + Wheat Malt, Nugget + Saaz Hop

ABV 5.1 %
IBU 34.1

The Cove IPA'ish Citra

For the fans of exotic brewing solutions, we prepared an American ale with a tropical flavour.
This is an author’s reading of a traditional, beloved recipe with an emphasis on the unique flavour of American Citra hops and aromatic yeast. This combination creates an unrivalled taste with a perfect balance between noble bitterness and the fresh aroma of overseas hops.
A strong and distinctive drink will be the perfect accompaniment to a sincere conversation or an evening with your friends in the best pub in Pattaya.

Ingredients:Pilsner Malt, Cascade + Mandarina Bavaria + Saaz Hop

ABV 6.1 %
IBU 76.1

Black Currant Beer

A craft experiment for real originals that will surely win the hearts of all fans of extraordinary solutions.
Sparkling refreshing beer with blackcurrant juice from The Cove brewers is your favourite beer, complemented by a juicy, ripe, refreshing sourness. An option for those who like to try something new and want to recharge their batteries in friendly company in their favourite pub.
Complete your meal with an exquisite drink with a delicate berry aroma and a bright playful temper.

Состав: солод Pilsner, хмель Cascade + Hallertau + currant

ABV 6.1 %
IBU 76.1

Classic English Pale Ale

Dark golden ale with a rich aroma of natural herbal hops is an original recipe, each ingredient of which plays its own unique role.
The legendary Maris Otter Pale malt is as a tribute to the traditions of English bitter beer. Extra Dark Crystal balances the taste and colour of the drink filling it with the incredible aroma of caramel and dried fruits as well as increasing the foam resistance. In turn Amber Malt is responsible for the delicate fried aroma and freshness of taste.
A honey velvet shade with spicy notes is the signature of the famous English hop East Kent Goldings.
This signature beer from our brewers will complement your delicious dinner at The Cove.

Ingredients: Maris Otter Pale + Extra Dark Crystal + Amber Malt + East Kent Goldings Hop

ABV 4.0 %
IBU 18.0

American Pale Ale

The popular light amber pale ale has a main feature of American beer: bright hop flavour with a well-felt noble bitterness. However, the taste of the hop base is also favourably shaded by citrus and coniferous notes that underlines its uniqueness.
The recipe boasts a wealth of aromas thanks to a blend of Saaz and Cascade hops. The finish is tender and fruity with subtle sourness.
American Pale Ale will be a successful addition to the masterpieces of European and Thai cuisine from The Cove’s chef.

Ingredients: Pale Ale Malt + Wheat Malt + Vienna Malt Saaz + Cascade Hops

ABV 5.9 %
IBU 16.0

Belgian Pale Ale

Belgian-style pale amber ale is based on a combination of several types of malt and has a noticeable fried-biscuit aroma.
This drink is like a real kaleidoscope of tastes! It is able to surprise with a smooth, full, nut-malt profile with a bright orange-pear shade and a dry, sweet finish.
It perfectly harmonizes with sausages, chops, grilled fish and fresh salads of your choice.

Ingredients: Pilsner + Munich I + Caraamber + Biscuit Malt + Caramunich I Malt, East Kent Goldings Hops

ABV 5.1 %
IBU 21.0

Czech Caramel Lager

A sunny traditional lager from Czech barley gives you a fresh, citrus scent flavoured with floral notes.
Our brewers complemented the recipe with pale caramel malt, thanks to which you can feel the light and pleasant salinity in the taste. This gives piquancy to the already excellent taste of the CZECH CARAMEL LAGER with its noble hop bitterness and sophisticated sourness.
You can traditionally enjoy the rich taste of this bright drink with a persistent cap of snow-white foam in your favourite The Cove pub.

Ingredients: Pilsner + Carahell Malt + Magnum + Saaz + Cascade Hop

ABV 4.9 %
IBU 14.0

Belgisk Wit ABV 0 (non-alcoholic)

A classic soft drink in the original interpretation by The Cove. BELGISK WIT has a light wheat tint and a layer of fluffy white foam.
Its originality is based on a combination of coriander and orange zest, such mix gives a pleasant light taste and a clean, refreshing aftertaste. The aroma palette is soft, spicy, with caramel-sweet notes of ripe fruit, lemon and fragrant hops. Each next sip reveals this drink in a new way – you are going to like it more and more!
And it is wonderful, because an ice glass of this beer is ideally suited both to a cosy evening with friends and to light meat and fish dishes in The Cove!

Ingredients: Pilsner Malt + Saaz Hop with additional ingredients of Coriander + Orange peel

ABV 0 %
IBU 7.9
The sincere atmosphere of The Cove pub, friendly company and craft beer: what else is needed for a long, unforgettable evening? Take your time, enjoy the skill of the brewers in each glass brought to you.
The Cove pub offers a wide range of exclusive craft beers of the highest quality. Our professional waiters will help you with your selection of a craft beer in The Cove!