Affiliate program

The Cove Pub invites its partners to expand cooperation.
Take part in our Affiliate program.
The essence of the program is quite simple - you are given some discount cards with your personal identifier.
You give them to your friends and people you know - potential customers of the Cove Pub.
Having received a discount card, your friend or person you know comes to the Cove Pub, makes a purchase at the pub and automatically receives a 10% discount on his order.
This order is recorded in your "personal account" on the Cove website according to the personal identifier of the card.
With each client brought to the Cove pub - you get a reward of 10% of the bill paid by the customer.

Advantages of our program:

  • You and your friends can have a great time in the Cove Pub.
  • You have an opportunity to earn with the Cove Pub.
  • You can receive partner reward money twice a month.
  • You can monitor orders in real time through our website.
  • We guarantee honesty and transparency.
  • The Cove Pub partners are always the first ones to know about the events and promotions.

If you wish to participate in the affiliate program, register. Our staff member will contact you within 24 hours.

The Cove Pub reserves the right to change the terms unilaterally. Rules may be changed without prior notice to the Contractor.